5 Screens Media is leveraging our advanced GMS technology to enable enterprise and businesses to pay for the mobile data charges on behalf of their employees and customers without impacting end users personal mobile bill. This enables businesses to implement BYOD policy and save 70% or more on their mobile cost, and encourage consumers to engage with their mobile content with an increase of more than 50% engagement that yields higher revenues.


We help you maintain needed engagement with business users and simplify the experience through our innovative and new toll free data technology, integrated with the wireless networks locally and globally. 


Businesses in wide spectrum of industries are benefiting greatly from our Sponsored Data Services and Mobile Market Application. Please see sample of served industries below.


Enterprise Sponsored Data

Increase Sales - Establish Loyalty - Lower BYOD Cost

Sponsored Data to Your Customers

We change your Mobile Content to Toll Free Access for a differentiated and unique engagement experience 


  1. Increases Sales  

  2. Improves Credibility and Brand Awareness

  3. Greater Response Rate on Marketing Spent    

  4. Reduce Care Cost and Product Returns Rate

  5. Enhances Loyalty and Repeated Business

Sponsored Data to Your Employees

We Make Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy Possible to Offer for any company size with a simple process and low cost


  1. Simplify Communication on BYOD

  2. Single Integration for all Mobile Operators in Market

  3. Increase Interaction and Connectivity with Employees

  4. Lower Mobile Charges and Eleminate Processing Inefficiencies

  5. Easy One Bill Settlement Across the Organization and Markets