Connecting You to Customers Everywhere Through Toll Free Mobile Data 

We Provide Businesses with a Cloud Based Single Access Point Toll Free Data Solution to Sponsor Data Charges on Mobile Content Across Wireless Carriers Globally
Enterprise Sponsored Data
Simple and Low Cost BYOD Solution For Enterprise to Pay for Work Mobile Data Charges On behalf of their Employees 
Simplify communication and increase collaboration  with your Workforce Employees, Contractors, and Vendors. Sponsor and pay for the mobile data charges related to work on Business Applications and content used by your employees on their own devices (BYOD) at a lower cost and in a simple engagement
Consumers Sponsored Data
Turn your Site to Toll Free For Increasing Engagement and Sales with Great Customer Experience
Turn your mobile site to "Toll Free Data". We enable Businesses  to increase engagement with customers by sponsoring the mobile data charges when visiting their site or mobile applications. Continuous Engagement with Customers to maintain interactive relationship and differentiated access


5 Screens Media is the first global company to utilize technology across mobile operators to increase engagement with new and existing customers and enhance corporate interactivity with internal associates through Sponsored Data - Toll Free Mobile.  Freeing the barriers and making connections a productive experience at no cost to the end user regardless of their wireless network.



With our GMS Solution:


  • Companies are enabled to pay for work related mobile data charges on behalf of their employees at a low cost and with simple engagement, eliminating complex and expensive typical internal processing while saving enterprise Millions in cost. 


  • Businesses can choose to sponsor mobile sites and applications to pay for customers data charges when engaging with them. Toll Free Mobile is proven to increase engagement significantly, yielding greater experience and increased sales


We Make Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy possible to offer and for any company size




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