Partnering with Mobile Operators Globally For Innovative Offerings, Extended Reach, and Accelerated Growth 

5 Screens Technology works across Mobile Operators Networks offering the ability to extend their Sponsored Data solution to enterprise, media, retailers, and corporate business customers across the market Ubiquitously


We partner with wireless operators that has deployed Sponsored Data solution to help them grow their offerings by extending their service across the local and international markets and apply unique and innovative use case applications for businesses to leverage the service . Furthermore, we apply our solution to enable operators that has not deployed a Sponsored Data platform to enable them offering the Service and benefit from this significant market opportunity.


Mobile Operator Benefits
  1. Offer your enterprise customers the Sponsored Data service across all the mobile operators in the served local and international markets

  2. Faster growth in business segments that may not be feasible to be an early focus

  3. Simplify the care, integration, and deployment process


Benefits to Operator's Customers
  1. Maintain their relationship with the Operator even though they are able to sponsor subscribers across the market

  2. Single point to manage the full experience including  allocated budget, targeting information, and sponsored sites and application

  3. Unified bill with detailed records of usage